Liquid I.V Partner with Water First

Liquid I.V. is proud to announce its partnership with Water First, a Canadian charity dedicated to working in partnership with Indigenous communities to address local water challenges through education, training, and meaningful collaboration. This collaboration is born out of a shared passion for tackling the pressing issues of water and hydration that disadvantaged communities face. 

 Water First has long been a champion for sustainable access to safe, clean water in Indigenous communities across Canada. They understand that the challenges are multifaceted, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it's issues relating to infrastructure, source water quality, or the need for trained personnel to manage water systems, Water First is committed to supporting community-identified needs. 

 Liquid I.V. is proud to help financially support the Drinking Water Internship Program, an initiative that offers education and training to communities. This program is designed to help participants develop the technical skills and hands-on training necessary to manage their own water treatment systems and build community capacity. 

 Liquid I.V. and Water First both believe that safe water needs skilled people. By investing in education and training, this partnership aims to remove barriers to employment and support Indigenous adults to become water treatment plant operators. This not only addresses immediate water and hydration challenges but also helps to protect water resources for future generations. 

 In alignment with our brand values, Liquid I.V. is committed to supporting Water First’s mission, as they develop the next generation of water professionals, helping them gain the skills and knowledge they need to address the unique challenges their communities face. 


 From understanding the impacts of industry and climate change to tracking fish health and population dynamics, these technical skills are critical for Indigenous communities to manage their water resources effectively. Water First’s Environmental Water Program delivers training programs based on community-identified priorities, further supporting Indigenous communities in their journey towards water resource independence. 


 This partnership is a testament to the shared vision of Liquid I.V. and Water First. To learn more about Water First and their programs, visit their website at Together, we believe in the power of education, training, and community-led solutions to address the pressing issues of water and hydration in Indigenous communities.  


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